Receive your business or personal mail hassle-free

We receive, confidentially scan, and email your business or personal mail to your preferred email address 

Our correspondence address service is designed exclusively for managing document letters weighing up to 100g, ensuring the smooth handling of your important correspondence. We specialize in document letters and do not accommodate parcels or items beyond this scope.

Explore the freedom of managing your mail hassle-free, regardless of your current location. Our service offers you the convenience of receiving personal or business mail without the need for a fixed Canadian address, perfect for travelers, expatriates, or students abroad.

With us, you can rest assured that your mail is handled securely and confidentially. We receive your mail and offer two flexible options: confidential scanning and emailing to your preferred address, ensuring you stay connected no matter where you are; or safekeeping your mail for up to 30 days until you're ready to receive it, with the added choice of forwarding it worldwide via reliable courier services.

For forwarding via courier, we charge a nominal CAD 15 handling fee in addition to the courier fee. Alternatively, if you opt to pre-pay postage costs and arrange your own courier, we charge a handling fee of CAD 8.5 per item, making our services adaptable to your preferences and needs.

Experience the ease of managing your mail without the constraints of a fixed address. Let us handle your mail needs while you focus on your endeavors, wherever they may take you.

This service is not intended for use as a Company registered agent or registered office address.

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